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NYJ and NYG answer some of our questions

Posted on: August 17, 2010 12:14 am
(US Presswire) Posted by Josh Katzowitz

I know it’s the middle of training camp. I know it was a preseason exhibition that means absolutely nothing. But man, the Jets looked good. Man, the Jets looked like they could contend for a Super Bowl.

Ugh, I hate myself for writing something like that based on one measly preseason game in which the team I’m touting lost by 15 points. But the first-team offense, for the most part, looked very good – except when the Jets got to the red zone – and the defense, like last year, looked pretty nasty. They looked like a team that still could be playing in February.

If ….

If, that is, they get back Darrelle Revis. Because without Revis, New York might not be the Super Bowl team coach Rex Ryan thinks they can be. A virtual unknown WR named Victor Cruz made that pretty clear tonight during the Giants 31-16 win against the Jets.

Earlier today, we had three questions for each team entering tonight’s game. Let’s look at the answers (which are in bold.)


1) How will Kyle Wilson look? Without Darrelle Revis around, Wilson is sure to get looks with the first team. How he performs could affect the team’s negotiations with Revis. If Wilson looks completely competent, the Jets can afford (perhaps) to take their time with Revis. If he looks overmatched, maybe they’ll give Revis’ agent a quick phone call post-game. It wasn’t Wilson that looked overmatched. It was the rest of the secondary, minus Antonio Cromartie. We’ll get to him later, but Victor Cruz beat three different Jets CBs for touchdowns (Dwight Lowery, Drew Coleman and Marquice Cole). More than perhaps anybody else associated with these teams, Revis might have gained the most tonight. Except maybe for Cruz.

2) Can Mark Sanchez handle a more high-profile passing attack? Last year, Sanchez could allow his running game and his team’s defense to help him win games. This season, the Jets likely will allow him to test his arm a little more. We might get a few chances to see that tonight. Aside from the tipped INT on his first pass of the game – a throw into double coverage Sanchez shouldn’t have made – he was very impressive, completing 13 of 17 passes for 119 yards and a TD.

3) Does LaDainian Tomlinson still have it?
This obviously won’t be answered tonight. But if Hard Knocks is any indication – and that’s debatable – Tomlinson still has speed and the ability to make the big play (even while catching it out of the backfield). I imagine he’ll get some playing time tonight to see how he performs in a game-like atmosphere. Tomlinson played the entire first half and showed some bursts of speed that were exactly what the Jets wanted to see. Shonn Greene is still the starter – no question about that after blowing away the Giants defense – but Tomlinson looks like he has some fuel left in the tank. The 16-yard TD that was called back because of a hold was pretty exciting for Jets fans to behold.

V. Cruz had quite a night, catching three TD passes for the NYG (AP). Giants

1) Will the Giants defense be better than last year? It’d be tough to have been worse. As Clark Judge so astutely points out in his Giants camp report , the squad allowed 427 points last season, the most since 1966. To say that’s embarrassing is an understatement. Let’s see how new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell’s men perform. Not all that impressively actually. Sanchez pretty much accomplished whatever he wanted, and Greene gashed them for mid-sized gains. Plus, the personnel confusion on Sanchez’s TD pass to Brad Smith was embarrassing.

2) How will the Giants’ new additions on defense help? New York get safety Kenny Phillips back and the Giants have added LB Keith Bulluck, first-round pick DE Jason Pierre-Paul and safeties Antrel Rolle and Deon Grant. How will they all mesh? The Giants have added some veterans, but does that mean all of these players still have the ability to dominate on defense? Phillips and Bulluck didn’t play. Rolle and Grant were pretty good early. Pierre-Paul was, at times, dominated by Jets OT Damien Woody, but he managed to elude Woody with his speed late in the second quarter and sack Sanchez. Less than a minute later, though, Pierre-Paul was whistled for offsides.

3) How much will the Giants miss Domenik Hixon on returns? Last year, he averaged 15.1 yards on punt returns and performed relatively well on kickoffs. But he tore his ACL early in training camp, and it sounds like RB Danny Ware will handle kickoffs and CB Aaron Ross will take punts. Yet, Ware only has returned two kicks in his career, and Ross hasn’t done it at all (though he seemed pretty decent at it his final two years at Texas) The loss of Hixon could be a pretty big deal. Let’s talk about special teams as a whole here. P Matt Dodge was fairly horrendous, line-driving his punts and having another one blocked. Three of Andre Brown’s kick returns didn’t extend past the 22-yard line. Ross did nothing of note while fielding two punts.

-A few other observations: Eli Manning said the mix-up between him and Brandon Jacobs was the quarterback’s fault. In case you missed it, the two collided on what was supposed to be a handoff, Jets LB Calvin Pace then blind-sided Manning and popped off his helmet and Manning’s forehead smacked into Jim Leonhard’s helmet, opening a three-inch gash on his forehead that needed 12 stitches to close. Said Manning in quotes distributed by the team: “I feel fine. I feel normal. Sometimes you make a mistake and get hit in the head."

-Cruz was a joy to watch. He made a one-handed catch on a 64-yard TD pass, and he was the most remarkable subplot of the evening. He’s battling with Sinorice Moss for the sixth WR spot. Moss didn’t play because of a groin injury. Moss, in the next three games, should make sure he finds a way to get on the field.

-The Giants first-team offense recorded five yards in the first quarter. Don’t forget that.

-Kellen Clemens replaced Sanchez to start the second half. Wait a minute, I thought Mark Brunell was the backup QB.

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NYJ and NYG answer some of our questions

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NYJ and NYG answer some of our questions

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NYJ and NYG answer some of our questions

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NYJ and NYG answer some of our questions

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Posted on: August 17, 2010 4:47 pm

NYJ and NYG answer some of our questions


Teams that have to blitz every play on defense to be effective generally don't win. And running punt blocks in the first pre-season game? And you realize their only touchdown in the first half came when the Giants didn't line anyone up on a receiver? Sure, they'll do that in the regular season.

Good teams figure blitzes out and game plan accordingly. The sad thing is, for all the nonsense the Jets pulled they still got torched by Jim Sorgi and Rhett Bomar! The Jets remind me of so many teams in the past that were full of themselves and talked a lot but then went out and didn't do much.

Their running game was somewhat impressive - and I'm sure the Giants should be concerned that they seemed soft in the belly of the defense.

But a pick six on the first play?


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Posted on: August 17, 2010 4:10 pm

NYJ and NYG answer some of our questions

Honestly, who cares, its preseason, the win is meaningless.. As a jets fan heres what I got out of the game

1. Cromartie looked good
2. LT also looked like he has a bit left in the tank
3. Braylon Edwards can finally catch
4. Got to see Eli knocked the ef out

Other than that who cares, there is nothing to celebrate over the win. No Ryan didnt keep players in longer to try to win, if that was the case he would of kept em in the whole game moron. Probably is just trying to build chemistry or extra footage for hardknocks, but it def was not for a win.

Every let it goo its preseason, and for whoever is declaring who the dominant team is over it, do us all a favor and keep off forums

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Posted on: August 17, 2010 4:07 pm

NYJ and NYG answer some of our questions

<span>1. Vernon Gholston will have some impact. I noticed several plays he was in the backfield putting pressure and instances of him being doubled at one point.</span>

<span>2. Eric Smith is a better start right now at safety than Brodney Pool. Smith made plays, is an aggressive tackler and knows the defense. I noticed Pool looked out of sorts and on one run play took the outside lane when he should have hit the hole for the stop. Another play he went to make a hit and fell on his back. Very tentative and I am curious to see his progression. </span>

<span>3. Cromartie is a ball hawk and will make huge plays this year but man he cannot tackle. One play it appeared he was holding the player up to have someone come in and strip the ball but as the game progressed I realized he just can’t tackle. Another play when the Giants running that 51 yard yarder he was a non factor, someone his size and speed shouldn’t be tripped up like he was. There was a third play when the running back came around the right side...I watched him back up as Eric Smith or Leonhard came up and made a nice open field tackle. In man to man coverage if he misses the tackle there is going to be a lot of yardage after the catch if he tries to tackle the way he did last night. Hopefully his ball skills keep the receiver from making the catch!</span>

<span>4. Kyle Wilson is the real deal and needs to be in that nickel package, because you saw what happens when lowery or Coleman try to cover... thinking back though Lowery did better than I anticipated and that was a freak catch made by Cruz. I could see Wilson starting at corner but the reprocutions of him not playing in the nickel package against those slot guys and shifty running backs is horrible. Lowery and Coleman cannot do it! Point is sign Revis asap or Indy and now Cinn is going to eat our defense alive. Shipley looked really good!</span>

<span>5. Joe McKnight simply doesn’t have "it". I don’t know what "it" is but I know when I see "it" and he does not have "it"</span>

<span>6. Kellen Clemens should be our number 2 guy. He looked sharp and for some reason more relaxed than I am used to seeing. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if teams are inquiring about him today based on last night. </span>

<span>7. Receivers - Antonio Holmes is a stud!!!!!! I can’t wait till he is in action. Edwards is on a mission to not drop a ball this year, he will have a huge year. Jericho Cotchery is my favorite though...just consistent, consistent ,consistent. Coles looks like there is no life in him and clowney's attempt for that deep ball on the INT was shameful. Looked to me like Allison deserved that number 3 spot ( number 4 when Antonio comes back). I would even consider throwing in woodhead or number 15? before clowney and coles based on last night’s effort. </span>

<span>8. Shonn Greene is awesome and will be a stud and IS the right back to replace TJ. LT is going to do well but not old LT well more like better than average but not great. I say 8-10 rushing TDs and 800 yards. He will catch 6. The triple threat should have kept Leon, LT and Greene. See McKnight comment above. </span>

<span>9. Mark Sanchez prediction based on last night. 24 tds 12 INTs 3600 yards. 2 rushing INTs. He will be a star next season (2011) if we can keep our receiving core.</span>

<span>10. We are going to the Super Bowl if: Revis is signed and Shonne Greene stays healthy. Which reminds me Slausen is the better left guard right now.</span>

<span> </spa

<span>J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets</span>

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Posted on: August 17, 2010 2:02 pm

NYJ and NYG answer some of our questions


In fact, I think your defense did play the entire half.  If not, they only were out for one possession.  Your #1 defense could not even force the Jets to punt.  Only a freak tip of a pass led to any positive result by your defense which was quickly erased on a long TD drive by the Jets


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Posted on: August 17, 2010 1:35 pm

NYJ and NYG answer some of our questions

I don't know what game you watched, but your Giant starters played almost the whole half.  In fact, I think your defense did play the entire half.  If not, they only were out for one possession.  Your #1 defense could not even force the Jets to punt.  Only a freak tip of a pass led to any positive result by your defense which was quickly erased on a long TD drive by the Jets.  Your offense, absent a fluke play that should have been a sack, did absolutely nothing the whole first half.  Honestly, the Jets should have been up by alot more. 

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